Popular 13 others are looking at this right now, Classic, yellow, small French plums from September, Plant Size Height Up to 250cm (98.4in)Spread Up to 250cm (98.4in). Mirabelle de Nancy mirabelle trees for sale Pot-grown All pot-grown trees are suitable for planting out in the garden, some are suitable for growing in containers. I have had Santa Rosa Plum on my list of trees to order this fall for my new and still bare garden, and I see I will have to add Mirabelle to my list. Although primarily used in cooking, they are excellent fresh. Seeds and garden supplies will normally be delivered within the time period stated against each product as detailed above. Popular in France, 'Mirabelle' makes a great addition to the fruit garden. Description of Mirabelle de Nancy Trees & Fruit: This truly dual purpose tree is tangy-sweet when eaten fresh and tart enough to cook really well in a pie or classic French tarte. The definitive French mirabelle perfect for patisseries and other delicacies 'De Nancy' fruits beautiful red-flushed, yellow-orange plums which are sweet and juicy. The incredibly sweet, stone free fruits ripen from white to honey yellow and are excellent eaten fresh or cooked. This prolific variety produces medium sized golden fruits, often developing a pink flush when fully ripe. A division of BVG Group Ltd. Plant plum trees in any well drained soil in a sheltered, sunny position. Mirabelles are partially self-fertile but will set a better crop if another mirabelle … Plant fruit trees at their original soil level and firm them into the ground. It tastes good fresh, but is also fabulous for cooking with, Grown on 'Pixy' rootstock, 'Mirabelle' retains a more upright habit, ideal for smaller gardens, Supplied as a pot-grown tree 90-110cm tall in 5L pot, on dwarfing rootstock. £21.99. Mirabelle de Nancy plum trees originated in France, where they are beloved for their intensely sweet flavor and firm, juicy texture. Sweet yellow plums, ‘Mirabelle de Nancy’ is great for picking straight from the tree. Free postage. Blooming Fast Superior Soluble Fertiliser, 'Mirabelle' is a cherry plum – a distinct plum fruit, and not a hybrid of the two. Common Mirabelle plum varieties include ‘Mirabelle Plum de Metz’ and ‘Mirabelle Plum de Nancy.’ Grown on 'Pixy' rootstock, 'Mirabelle' retains a more upright habit, making it an ideal plum tree for smaller gardens. The Mirabelle de Nancy is a productive spreading tree. Feed and water plum trees during particularly dry periods. It will bear a reasonable crop on its own, but cropping is improved if a different mirabelle variety is planted nearby. High quality plants! are delivered at the appropriate time for planting or potting on. Czar Plum Tree 4-5ft Self Fertile,Ready to Fruit,Good For Cooking or Eating. Prune fruited stems after harvests to maintain a healthy and attractive tree. 'Mirabelle de Nancy' is a cherry plum – a distinct plum fruit, and not a hybrid of cherry and plum. Mirabelle de Nancy Trees For Sale Online from Blackmoor Nurseries. The tree … It produces masses of golden fruits, with gorgeous yellow flesh, and a sweet, very juicy distinctive peach-like taste and small stone. Choose another variety Pollination of Mirabelle de Nancy mirabelle trees Your Mirabelle de Nancy mirabelle tree is in flowering group 3.It is partially self-fertile, but a nearby pollination partner of a different variety is beneficial.The following varieties will pollinate this mirabelle tree… Geneva Mirabelle TM plum tree Prunus insititia 'Geneva Mirabelle' Geneva Mirabelle was developed in the 1950s, but is in essence very similar to the traditional French mirabelles such as Mirabelle de Nancy… In the following spring, select 2 or 3 sub laterals on each branch and shorten these by half to create a balanced, open framework. Delivery times will be stated on the product page above, or in your order acknowledgement page and email. Mirabelle and Cherry Plum trees are hardy and grow well throughout Europe. ... Quick View. An excellent choice for backyard gardeners, mirabelle plum trees … If you're not totally happy with your order, return it within 30 days and we'll replace or refund in full! Allow one fruit every 7-10cm (3-4") along each stem. It tastes good eaten straight from the tree but is also fabulous for cooking with – just perfect for making plum cake and fruit crumbles! Fruit trees do not suffer weed competition well. Once tasted, Mirabelle plums are never forgotten. Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy' 4-5ft Tall Tree, Self-fertile Incredibly Sweet Honey . Care should be taken when pruning plum trees to avoid winter pruning as this leaves plums prone to silver leaf disease. Keep weeds and grass clear from within a 30cm radius of base of the tree. How to grow fruit trees Fruit rootstock guide, Codes 1 maiden plum tree (St Julien Rootstock) (14225). Mirabelle de Nancy can also cross-pollinate with other European plum … It will top out at 9-10ft within10 years, which makes for easy picking. Should any hardy plant fail to thrive thereafter, we'll replace free of charge - you just pay the P&P. 'Mirabelle de Nancy' is a cherry plum – a distinct plum fruit, and not a hybrid of cherry and plum. ‘Mirabelle de Metz’ is a blush pink color, tastes sweeter, and is good for eating straight from the tree. The fruits are incredibly sweet and tangy, with a taste of honey.For planting and growing advice read our gage-and-plum-trees … This variety is self-fertile and does not require a pollination partner. The fruit is very similar to Mirabelle, but later ripening. They flower early and can be prone to early frosts, so plant in a sheltered, sunny spot if possible. 1 maiden plum tree (St Julien Rootstock) (14225), Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Vegetable Seeds, VVA1 - Dwarf reaching a mature height of up to 2m (6',6"), Ferlinane - Semi dwarf reaching a mature height of up to 2.5m (8'), St. Julien - Semi vigorous reaching a mature height of up to 4.5m (14'). The name dates back to the 18th Century. Widely grown and popular … Mirabelle … It requires another European plum for pollination. This prolific variety produces medium sized golden fruits, often … Mirabelle de Nancy can also cross-pollinate with other European plum and damson varieties. Victoria Plum Fruit Tree … Mirabelle de Nancy … In future years, plums will require pruning in late spring to remove damaged, badly placed or diseased wood.